2 famous chihuahuas model their famous chihuahua dog shirts! get yours today!

every chihuahua deserves a famous chihuahua dog shirt!  get your chibaby this fun, funky & distinct dog t-shirt made from high quality, fine knit gauge, 100% cotton and features a cotton-flex ”famous chihuahua ®” design.  the best part?  you get to design the shirt yourself! what are you waiting for?

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famous chihuahua model
the glamorous reina is the epitome of “fun, furry and fabulous” in her famous chihuahua dog shirt!

our easter picture contest winner fidel looks pawsome rocking his famous chihuahua dog shirt!

make your chihuahua famous

meet sunshine miller, a golden-white applehead chihuahua from las vegas!

white applehead chihuahua

“look mama, i’m famous!”

sunshine miller is a 15 week old, gold and white, apple head chihuahua that lives happily in las vegas, nevada with nancy and richard miller.  sunshine is a superstar because her personality brings out a bright ray of sunshine for mommy and daddy everyday after losing their other pup bailey to heart failure this year.  their min pin carley now loves having a new little sister to love and play with!

congratulations nancy and richard, your sweet shine is now officially a famous chihuahua!

are you a proud chihuahua mama?  click here to submit your chihuahua’s picture!

dog accessories

adorable dog harness dresses! get your furbaby one now just in time for summer!

dog dresses

made from 100% light weight cotton, these summer dog harness dresses have a sturdy reinforced d-ring and a double sized / double strength velcro for comfortable and secure fastening so your pooch can look adorable while going for a walk or out on the town!  each harness dress set comes complete with a matching lead and hat (that can also be used as a fashion collar).  so what are you waiting for?  doll your furbaby up with one of these cute dresses and be the talk of the town!