world’s ugliest dog is part chihuahua!

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sweepee rambo wins the title of the world’s ugliest dog

meet sweepee rambo, a blind chihuahua/chinese-crested mix that won the 2016 title of the world’s ugliest dog this past friday in petaluma, california.  sweepee’s owner, jason wurtz of encino, california, was ecstatic about the win and was awarded $1,500 and a trophy.

apparently sweepee was a gift to his owner’s ex-wife, but when the couple split up, jason took the dog because his wife thought it was too ugly, turns out she was right!

looks like even the ugliest dog can still be cute in it’s own way!

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simba and bebe, two adorable applehead chihuahuas from southern california!

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apple head chihuahuas

“look mama! we’re famous!”

simba and bebe are two adorable applehead chihuahuas with unique personalities.  simba is laid back and mellow, whereas bebe is sassy and feisty.  the two of them can’t live without each other and when they’re together, there’s never a dull moment!  you can find these two little starlets giving out paw-to-graphs in huntington beach, california and you can follow them on instagram at @simba_and_bebe

congratulations ushma patel, simba and bebe are officially famous chihuahuas!

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meet nana, an adorable tiny, teacup-sized chihuahua from toronto, canada!

famous chihuahua editor featured chihuahuas

teacup chihauhua

“look mama, i’m famous”

nana is an adorable 1 year old tiny teacup-sized chihuahua who was blessed to fall into the life of meghan roxburgh from toronto, canada.  she had a rough start, but today she makes happy being a comical little girl weighing in at only 3 pounds!

her best friend is murphy, a fluffy orange tabby cat and she has a ton of cute plush dog toys, but her favorites are her tooth brush and her pink little dinosaur.  despite her small size, she loves to carry around tennis balls.  she knows her mouth is too small, but that doesn’t stop her!  she just uses her small chompers to grab the external fluff 😊

congratulations meghan, nana is officially a fun, furry and fabulous famous chihuahua!

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